Managing Instant Prizing

Instant prizing is a workflow add on that your Account manager can help you activate.  Once activated, every event can be managed independently and have a different allocation of prizes.  To manage your event level prizing, go to the event in your events list, and hit edit.  The prizing tab will be on the far right.



All prizing odds are calculated on the quantity of prizes you enter.  In the example below, every participant will win something, and key chains will be given away twice as often as hats.




If you decide to have losers in your mix (eg. you don't want everyone to win something), you can add a new "prize" as loser.  In the example below, half of the people interacting with you will not get a prize.



Availability Windows

If you have a prize that is only available for a certain date/time, you are able to set an Availability Start and Availability End date/time (Based off local device time).  In the example below, we've added an extra 100 "It's Friday" Shirts to be given away that can only be won on Friday April 3rd from 8am - 11PM (local time).  All other prizes without availabilities are given out as normal.




Forced Giveaways

By selecting Force Giveaway you are creating a prize that must all be given away within your availability window.  You may need to do this if it is a premium prize, or if the prizes will no longer b useful after a certain time.  In the below example, we're creating backstage passes that will be given away from 8AM - 11PM on saturday.  All 10 tickets will be given away beore 11PM and are randomly distributed within that timeframe.



Offline Prices

In the case that there is no internet for your device, inventory is not updated live from the platform.  By Selecting each prize to be Available Offline you can enable these prizes to be given away when you have no internet.  Note that Force Giveaway prizes can never be available offline as they are usually higher ticket items that need to be tracked.  All Available Offline prizes will be given away at the same odds as what they were set.  Once internet resumes, inventory will update and you will resume giving away prizes as normal.

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