Default Brand Links

Oftentimes experiences under the same brand share the same social media profile pages, even if the experiences are spread across multiple campaigns. To minimize the effort of repeatedly entering the exact same links in multiple campaigns across the brand, Engage360 provides a way to set default social follow-us links at the brand level.

Under the BRAND tab on the left Navigation bar, if you go to the Social Settings section, you will see three text fields where you can enter the URL links for your brand's Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Any new campaigns created after setting your brand level social follow-us links will inherit and by default use these links. You can still change the social follow-us links in Campaign Details for each individual campaign separately at any time.

Please note that social follow-us link changes in Brand Details will only affect new campaigns. Any existing campaigns will remain unchanged. To update your social profile links in the experiences, you must change the social follow-us links in Campaign Details.

If you manage your own subscription lists and have your own branded subscription page, you can set the URL link in the Unsubscribe URL text field of Brand Details. New campaigns created afterwards will inherit and use the same unsubscribe URL.

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