Brand Level Defaults for Experience Content

Under the BRAND tab on the left Navigation bar, you can view and set the default images and footer texts for all new campaigns and experiences under the brand in the Default Experience Content tab. 


You can enter your brand's legal disclaimer, links to your brand's websites, and any other relevant information in the default footer text boxes. If Default Email Experience Footer Text is specified at the brand level, then by default any new campaigns created after will inherit the email footer text in the campaign level Default Email Experience Footer Text. Similarly, if Default Webpage Email Experience Footer Text is specified at the brand level, then any new campaigns created afterwards will by default inherit the webpage footer text in the campaign Default Webpage Experience Footer Text. The inherited email and webpage experience footer texts can be changed at any time as needed at the campaign level, which is then used by the corresponding email and webpage experiences in these campaigns. Please note that any changes made to brand level default footer texts will only be applied to new campaigns created after the change. Default experience footer texts for existing campaigns remain unaffected by brand level footer updates.


Images uploaded in Brand Details will by default apply to all new experiences across all campaigns in the brand that use the corresponding images. The Webpage Header image is used by the RSVP site, QR page, mobile self-registration site, and media page experiences, while Email Header image is used by all email experiences. iPhone Background image and iPad Background image are used for the background image of iPhone and iPad app experiences, respectively.

You can change the images in individual experiences at any time by clicking on the Replace button along the top right of the image to open the image upload dialogue and selecting a different image. If you wish to revert back to the brand default image(s), or if the brand default image(s) have been changed and you wish to update your experience images to match them, you can click on the Default button along the top right of the image in individual experiences to do so.

The Favicon is an image, such as your brand logo, that is displayed in the browser tab or bookmark bar, etc. to represent your RSVP site, and adds an additional branded feel to your experience. If no Favicon image is uploaded, then the RSVP site will simply be denoted in the browser tab or bookmark by the generic page icon. Please note that the brand level Favicon, once uploaded, applies to all RSVP sites across all campaigns in the brand. You do not need to upload a Favicon image at the campaign level unless you wish to use a Favicon different from the brand Favicon (By default the brand Favicon image is not explicitly displayed in Campaign Details). 


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