QR Pages and Passbook

The QR page, launched from a confirmation or reminder email, contains a unique system generated QR code for each preregistrant. The QR page is branded with editable title, body, and footer text (which uses the Default Email Experience Footer Text in campaign settings), and appearance settings specified in the editor. By default, the QR page is auto-created by the system when a new RSVP site is created for the campaign, with default styling and header image based on brand default settings. The copy can be edited and a unique header image can be uploaded to replace the default. 

The QR code acts as an unique ID for the preregistrant when they check in at the event. It can be used to look up any existing preregistrant information, such as name or email, as well as pass any new data (ex: photos) after they check in and the user interaction completes.

Optionally, you can create a Passbook experience with similar branding, which is also launched from a confirmation or reminder email. Different from the QR page, a pass is only launched and generated if using an iPhone with Apple Wallet installed. Once generated, the pass displays crucial event information, such as date, time, location, as well as the preregistrant QR code. This pass can then be stored in Apple Wallet and used to check in at the event.

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