Using Time Slots


Time slots allow you to have subdivisions in event participation for preregistration to register for. If your event is at a location over multiple days, it can often be useful to have a time slot for each day to help delineate it. If your event has multiple seatings or showings in one night and you want preregistrants to only come to one, it can also be useful. Think of time slots as subdivisions within a single event that each track preregistrations separately.

Configuring an Event's Time Slots

After time slots are enabled for an event they need to be configured. Clicking on the event in the Events page slides out a Details panel on the right hand side, which includes a tab labeled Time Slots. In this tab there is a +Add Time Slot button. Take note of the day displayed at the top of the Time Slots tab. This is the day you are creating time slots for.


There can be multiple time slots in one day, with optional names to help identify them. You can duplicate the time slots from a previous day by clicking on the arrow next to the date to move to another day, then clicking on “Duplicate Previous Day” button that will appear. 

If you wish to set a maximum number of preregistrants for an event and event time slots are used for your campaign, you can set the event cap for each time slot in the Time Slots tab. If your campaign has multiple Guest Types, they will appear here and a different event cap can be configured for each guest type in each time slot; otherwise only your general guescap. Please note that any campaign using timeslots MUST enter the event caps in the Time Slots tab for each individual time slot, not via the event creation page.

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