Search and Filter

All pages under the EVENTS tab of the left navigation menu have data that can be filtered in more-or-less the same way

At the top of each of the 5 pages above is a standard set of filter options:


For media, you have the option of filtering by:

  • Search keyword
    • Search by a persons name or email
    • Clicking on the "?" icon will give you more advanced filtering options
  • Events
    • Only include media captured from 1 or more selected events
  • Promo Optins
    • For campaigns that capture whether or not an event attendee has given permission to use their media for promotional purposes
  • Start date
    • Returns all results that occurred after this date/time
  • End date
    • Returns all results that occurred before this date/time

A combination of the filters can be used to narrow down results.

Example: Finding information for a specific event, within a specific day, within a specific time. 

The date pickers can be used to also specify a time. You can filter by time by clicking on the clock icon in the date picker popup:

There is also an orange 'Reset' button next to the filters. This simply clears all filters and returns all results. Once you're happy with your filter results, you can export the results to a .csv file

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