Importing allows you to import guests in bulk. Specifically, you can import:

  • People you'd like to invite to your event (invitees).
  • Preregistrants who have confirmed they will attend an event (for VIPs or those who are unable to use the RSVP site).
  • People who have attended an event (in cases where event staff have to write down attendee names during an event, which will then be uploaded at any time).

To import guests into, look for the Import button at the bottom of the Invitees, Preregistrations, or Participants pages:

Clicking on Import opens the import wizard:


The import wizard involves 3 steps:

  1. Selecting an event to associate the import list to. This is required for participants and preregistrants, and currently required for invitees as well (though invitees have the option to choose which event to preregister for when they RSVP).
  2. Downloading a template to enter your list into. These templates offer standard columns and dummy data to give you an idea of the accepted format.
  3. Uploading your import file to

Note : will validate phone numbers for imported data and reject any entries with invalid phone numbers. 

Click 'Continue' in the top right to map your spreadsheet columns with system fields:

This field mapping step allows your import file to have different column names from field names and still upload successfully. For example, the default import template has a column called 'FirstName', which automatically matches to the "First Name" field. However, if your import file has a column titled "GivenName" instead (which is somewhat different), in this screen it may show as unmatched due to the name being slightly different. You can manually select the corresponding field to which your column data will match. Please note that the list of fields available for matching may differ depending on whether we are importing invitees, preregistrants, or participants.

When you are happy with your field mappings, click Continue in the top right to upload your list. Once the upload has completed, you'll see the import complete page that will tell you how many people were imported into the system and in what event:

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