Media Page, Email, and SMS

The media page is where consumers can find their event media hosted. When a consumer receives an email or SMS from a media capture workflow, they get a link to a media page with their media on it. Following the link will allow the participant to view, save, and share the media, be it a photo, animated .gif or video. Without a media page and media email or SMS, consumers cannot access their media. As a result, these experiences are required if your experience includes a media capture workflow, and can be found directly underneath the Create New App section with iPhone and iPad options.


The media email functions exactly like any of the other emails in the experience, and is sent out to the user (if the user opts to receive their media by email) immediately after their information is synced and reaches our server. Similarly, if the user opts to receive their media by SMS, then a SMS text message will be sent to the user immediately after their information reaches our server. While default communication for the media email and SMS experiences are provided, the content can be changed as needed.

Similar to the RSVP site, the media page also has header, body, and footer sections. Default copy is provided, which you can change as needed to suit your campaign and experience, and you can upload a header image as well.

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