Connecting to YouTube

Once your campaign has been created, you will see in the Social Settings tab a button to 'Connect to YouTube'. Clicking on this will begin the relatively simple process of setting up your campaign with a YouTube account of your choice. This is required if you wish to create an app experience with video capture component. Any consumer video from the video capture workflow will be uploaded to the YouTube account specified, and then sent to the end user via the media delivery method of their choice.

Clicking on 'Connect to YouTube' opens a sign-in portal. After signing into your YouTube account with your Gmail credentials, you will be prompted to give Engage360 access to YouTube. Once you have clicked on 'Allow', you will be returned to the site on the Campaign Details page.

After successfully connecting to YouTube and returning to Campaign Details, you will see a new setting for YouTube visibility, as well as a button to 'Disconnect from YouTube'. By default your YouTube visibility is set to "Unlisted", but if you wish for the uploaded videos to be available for public viewing, you must set it to "Public". Please save your campaign changes after connecting to your YouTube account to finalize the connection. You are not required to disconnect from your YouTube account even if the video capture app is not being used.

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