Report Data Filtering


Reporting uses the same standard set of filters used elsewhere on the site. You can choose specific events you want to see by selecting them from a pop-up, or you can filter all events over a specific date range. Picking start date only filters to show data after that point in time. Alternatively, end date only filters data up until that point.

Optionally, you can also choose to combine both start and end dates for a specific date range. If date time filters are combined with event filters then only data for the selected event(s) within the specified time range will be displayed.

After your filters have been chosen, click Run button to fetch the report data. To clear all filters, click the Reset button.

If your campaign uses guest types, then certain reports (Participant Totals, Preregistration Totals, Primaries and Secondaries, Invite Source Totals, Survey Summary) also include an additional filter for guest types.


You can select 1 or guest types from the drop-down list to only show report data for the specified guest type(s), or combined with the event or date time filters to further narrow down the report data returned.

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