Report Types

Various reports show different sets of data collected by your experiences.

Demographics: Displays three graphics detailing Gender, Age and Participants by Location

Participant Totals: Displays the numbers of Participants and Optin survey items per Event

Preregistration Totals: Displays the Preregistrations, Guests and VIPs registered to attend events

Media Totals: Displays the Media Type, Count and Delivery Method per Event.

Invite Source Totals: Displays how many Preregistrations and Guests become Participants.

Primaries and Secondaries: Shows the names of your Primary Preregistrants and who they invited as Secondary Preregistrants.

Survey Summary: Displays a breakdown for all survey items in a campaign and the tallied responses for all Participants.

Email Summary: Shows a breakdown of information on all emails sent by a campaign. Can track if emails were opened, clicked on, bounced after sending and if the person receiving it RSVP'd or attended an event.

Email Clicks: Displays per email type how many times links were clicked.

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