Report Types

Various reports show different sets of data collected by your experiences.

Demographics: Displays three graphics breaking down participant information by demographics of Gender, Age, and Participants by Location.

Participant Totals: Displays the numbers of participants (by guest type) per event and how many opted-in for future communications.

Preregistration Totals: Displays the numbers of invitees, primary preregistrants, secondary preregistrants (both confirmed and unconfirmed) registered to attend each event and how many actually attended. Each category of guest data is further broken down by guest type, if applicable.

Media Totals: Displays the total count of media for each media type per event, and how many were delivered via email vs. SMS.

Invite Source Totals: Displays how many primary preregistrants and their guests become participants for each event.

Primaries and Secondaries: Shows the names of your primary preregistrants and who they invited as secondary preregistrants.

Survey Summary: Displays a breakdown for all custom survey items in the campaign, the tallied responses for all participants.

Email Summary: Shows a breakdown of information on all emails sent by a campaign. The report returns information about whether emails were opened, clicked on, bounced after sending, and (in the case of invite emails) if the person receiving it RSVP'd or attended an event.

Email Clicks: Displays how many times each link was clicked per email type.

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