Viewing the Device Usage Report

The Device Usage Report displays all the iOS devices that have used the Enage360 iOS app to display and capture data. By default all device usage information for your organization is returned. A standard set of filters along the top of the page provides options to narrow down the results to display, including event filter, start date and time filter, and end date and time filter.

There are also two additional filters for narrowing down your results by brand and campaign. Please note that while you can use the brand and campaign filters to show device usage information for a specific brand and campaign, the event filter only lists events in your current campaign, and as such cannot be combined with brand/campaign filters to show device usage information for specific event(s) in a different campaign.

The following fields are tabulated here:

Device Name: The local name of the device as configured by iOS and displayed in settings. You can optionally change the name of your device in iOS settings.

Device ID: A unique ID for tracking the device among similarly or identically named devices.

Campaign Name: What campaign the App was running, if there are multiple campaigns, a plus icon at the left side of the row will expand the view to include all the different campaigns.

Has RSVP and Has Media: If the campaign used an RSVP site or Media Site.

Interactions: The number of times an app has gone through it's workflow. If it is a check-in and registration workflow this would be the number of people registered or checked in. If it is a media workflow, this would be the number of people who used the app and received media from it.

Event Name: The event that was being run on the app.

Last Used: Date of the last sync or participant entry from the device.

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