Viewing the Device Usage Report

The Device Usage Report displays all the iPads who have used the Enage360 iOS app to display and capture data. A standard set of filters on the top of the page determines what data to show. The following fields are tabulated here are:

Device Name: The local name of the device as configured by iOS and displayed in settings.

Device ID: A unique ID for tracking the device among similarly or identically named devices.

Campaign Name: What campaign the App was running, if there are multiple campaigns, a plus icon at the left side of the row will expand the view to include all the different campaigns.

Has RSVP and Has Media: If the campaign used an RSVP site or Media Site.

Interactions: The number of times an app has gone through it's workflow. If it's a check-in this should be the number of people registered or checked in. If it's a media workflow, this is the number of people who got media from it.

Event Name: The event that was being run on the app.

Last Used: The last sync or participant entry from the device.


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