Managing Users

User Types Overview

Users in Engage360 have permission to access certain features based on their position in the Organization / Brand / Campaign hierarchy.

Users associated with a single campaign are called campaign organizers, and have the capability to create and edit events as well as perform edits to experience editor content. Their access can be further restricted so that they can only log into the Engage360 iOS app for their assigned campaign.

Users with brand access, called brand managers, have all the capabilities of a campaign organizer, and can further see and edit all the campaigns within their assigned brand and create new campaigns if needed.

Organization level users, called organization admins, have access to a selection of admin tools on top of basic features that are available to campaign and brand level users. These admin tools allow them to create and manage users within their organization, as well as view the user activity records, device usage information for various events, and an overview of all events within the organization.

Adding a User

As an organization admin, clicking the Add button on the Users page brings up a side panel to enter information into. A user must have a unique username, a password and a unique email. The email is used for password recovery so it is important that it is an actual email. It is encouraged, but not necessary, to add a name for the user(s) of the account.

After that information has been entered, the Next button brings you to the permission selection screen. A user can have access to one or more campaigns within a brand as a campaign user or one or more brands and all their contained campaigns as a brand manager. Campaign users must have at least one campaign assigned to them, while brand users must have at least 1 brand assigned to be successfully saved. A campaign user can further be locked out from using and be restricted to only using the iOS app by checking the Engage360 App Use Only setting.

Please note that you will not be able to view or manage other organization admin users, and can only view and manage brand managers and campaign organizer users assigned to your organization.

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