Managing Users

User Types Overview

Users in Engage360 have permissions based on how high in the Organization / Brand / Campaign Hierarchy they sit.

At the bottom are users associated with a single campaign. These campaign organizers can be restricted so that they can only log into the Engage360 iOS app. If they are not restricted they can log into, create and edit events and perform edits to content in experience editors.

Users with Brand access can see and edit all the campaigns within a brand as well as create new campaigns.

Organization level Users have access to a selection of Admin tools that allow the creation of users and access to management information.

Adding a User

Clicking the Add button on the Users page brings up a side panel to enter information into. A user must have a unique username, a password and a unique email. The email is used for password recovery so it is important that it is an actual email. It is not necessary, but encouraged to write a name for the user or users of the account.

After that information has been entered, the next button brings you to the permission select screen. A user can have access to one or more campaigns within a brand as a campaign user or one or more brands and all their contained campaigns as a brand manager. A campaign user can be locked out from using and restricted to only using the iOS app by checking the Engage360 App Use Only box.

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