Email Types

The Engage360 platform uses emails as the primary way of communicating with end consumers (Invitees, Preregistrants, and Participants).

Invite and Friend Invite are emails sent to users encouraging them to register for an event. Invite is sent to all invitees. Friend Invite is sent by someone who has just preregistered for an event if the event has the "Friends Per Preregistrant" RSVP setting is set to a non-zero number. Friends invited this way need to go through the RSVP site to become a preregistrant.

Guest Invites are sent if the "Secondary Guests Per Preregistrant" is set to a non-zero number. Guests are given a partially filled preregistration that they must complete. If they do not fill out the preregistration they can still show up to the event but if there are required fields, they will need to fill them out there in the workflow. Guests cannot invite guests of their own but they can invite friends.

Confirmation emails are sent to those who successfully preregister for an event. The email by default contains event information (event date, time, and location), a link to a QR code, and a link to a passbook (if enabled). The QR code allows the preregistration to use the "Scan" option on a Check-In workflow to check in. Confirmation emails also contain a link to edit your reservation.

Reminder emails are sent 2 days before the event to all users who have preregistered prior to that, and contain the same information as the confirmation email.

Registration emails are sent to participants who check in at the event as well as anyone attending the event and registering onsite via the registration app workflow or the mobile self-registration website.

Media emails are sent to participants who used a media capture workflow. They contain a link to a branded media page that hosts their media (photo, video, or animated .gif).

Thank You emails are sent the day after the event ends. Thank you emails are sent to those who attended the event and captured as participants.

Sorry emails are sent 2 days after the event has ended. Sorry emails are sent to preregistrants who had preregistered for an event but did not check in on site at the event.

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