Campaign Details


In Campaign Basics, several campaign wide features can be edited.

Your Campaign Name is used to reference the campaign across the site and within a brand.

Age-Gate Requirement puts a minimum age on all birthdate fields in your RSVP site and in app workflows. This can be overwritten in the individual experiences if you wish.

Campaign Code is used in data export as a field so you can differentiate between different campaigns.

Default Experience Footer Text is used in all Emails and the RSVP site. It can be overwritten in individual experiences.



In Campaign Social you can link social accounts to your experiences.

If you wish to offer video capture you can link a YouTube account. This account will receive recorded videos and host them so that participants can access them via private links.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram follow-us fields, if populated, will show on Emails and the RSVP site as clickable buttons leading to the links. Only filled fields will show as buttons and any combination of the three can be used.



Advanced settings are only for Envisage staff when creating custom content for campaigns. You do not need to change advanced settings.

Default Experience Content

In these two text boxes, you can set the default footer text for web experiences (RSVP, Media Site) and for email experiences (Confirmation, Reminder, ect.). These footers will be populated into any and all new experiences. Should you wish to edit an experience's footer manually, you can do so by choosing to override the default here in the experience itself.

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