Campaign Details

Basic Information

In the Basic Information tab, several campaign wide features can be edited.


Campaign Name is used to reference the campaign across the site and within a brand.

Campaign Code is used in data export as a field so you can differentiate between different campaigns.

Age Gate Requirement puts a minimum age on all date of birth fields in your RSVP and mobile self-registration sites.

Unsubscribe URL, if populated, will redirect user to your own brand or campaign's unsubscribe page when they click on the Unsubscribe link in any of the emails. If unfilled, then the user will be directed to the RSVP site unsubscribe page by default, or a generic Engage360 unsubscribe page if no RSVP site experience has been configured.

Campaign Languages lists all the languages currently used by end-users when interacting with the experiences and any communications (ex: RSVP site, emails, app workflows, etc). By default English is already present. You can add additional languages by selecting from the Add Language dropdown. It is recommended to add all necessary languages before creating your experiences, otherwise you will need to save each experience individually before the new language(s) can be used.

Use Time Slots setting, if selected, will enable multiple sessions to run for each event day. Please only enable this setting if you are sure that your event will have multiple sessions per day for each event. Once enabled, you will need to create separate time slots as well for each event day after creating your event. If you are unsure whether this feature applies to your campaign, please consult with your Account Representative.

Enable Mobile Self Registration setting, if selected, will unlock the Mobile Self-Registration experience, which allows end-users to register onsite via their own mobile device. Please consult with your Account Representative before doing so to ensure that this feature suit's your campaign's needs.

Social Settings

In the Social Settings tab, you can link social accounts to your experiences.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram follow-us fields, if populated, will show on Emails and all webpages (RSVP site, QR page, mobile self-registration site, media page) as clickable buttons leading to the specified URLs. Only filled fields will show as buttons in the experiences and any combination of the three can be used. 

If you wish to offer video capture interaction at the event, you will need to create an app workflow with video module. To do so, you must first link your campaign to a YouTube account. This account will receive recorded videos and host them so that participants can access them via private links.

Advanced Social Settings are only for Envisage staff when creating custom content for campaigns. You do not need to change advanced social settings.

Default Experience Content


Default Email Experience Footer Text is for setting the default footer text for all email experiences (confirmation, reminder, etc). Please note that by default, any new campaign will inherit the brand's default email experience footer text if one has been entered in the Default Experience Content tab of Brand Details. The inherited default footer text can be changed as needed to suit the campaign's needs.

Default Webpage Experience Footer Text sets the default footer text for all webpage experiences (RSVP site, QR page, mobile self-registration, media page). Please note that by default, any new campaign will inherit the brand's default webpage experience footer text if one has been entered in Brand Details. The inherited default footer text can be changed as needed to accommodate the campaign's needs.

By default, all new experiences will use these campaign footer texts, and each time the campaign footer text is updated, all experiences using the default experience footer text(s) will be automatically updated accordingly. If you wish to have a custom footer text different from the campaign default, you can edit an experience's footer manually by deselecting the Use Campaign Footer checkbox under the experience editor's Appearance settings to unlock the editable footer text box.

Please note that once you have unlocked the editable footer text box and entered a custom footer text, you will need to update it manually for any future changes. If, at any point in time, you wish to revert back to the default experience footer text, simply select the Use Campaign Footer checkbox again to do so.

Favicon image, if uploaded, is applied to the RSVP site. By default the RSVP site will use the Favicon image in Brand Details if one has been uploaded, and no Favicon image is needed in Campaign Details. Uploading a Favicon image in Campaign Details will override the brand favicon image.

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