RSVP Settings Reference

Event Selection Layout composes of two settings: Locate By specifies what method users find and select events with. Selecting None option will return all public events. Selecting Zip/Postal Gateway requires users to input their zip or postal code to search for nearby events (the search radius can be specified). User Location Lookup option returns events within their vicinity (the search radius specified) based on the user's device location. Event Layout determines how the events are displayed to the user: by name in a list, by points on a map, or by both.


Content settings control the technical details of the website. Page Title is what appears in the tab displaying the website in the browser. The first half of your website URL (by default it is the campaign name) is the sub-domain, which can be changed as needed. If you wish to use a custom domain instead, please contact your account representative and they will guide you through how to do so. The rsvp_editor_-_link_generator_button.jpg button beside Your RSVP Domain launches a URL generator, which can provide links specifically for an event, guest type, or language.

Entering your own Google Analytics Key allows you to track impressions. Two URLs are available for you to link to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Cookie Policy URL allows you to link to your brand's cookie policy page (a generic cookie policy is provided on the RSVP site if you do not specify your brand's cookie policy URL).


In Restriction Settings you can configure several features designed to tailor your RSVP site to what you want your campaign to be. By entering a non-zero number in Secondary Guests Per Preregistrant and Friends Per Preregistrant you allow people who preregister to either bring guests (who only need to confirm their preregistration) or invite friends (who are invitees and must preregister themselves). You can change the default Secondary Guest Invite Extra Text provided based on your preference and brand's legal requirements, if needed.

If the campaign has an age gate, the Age Gate Redirect URL allows you to send those who fail to meet the minimum age requirement to an external site. External Age Validation allows you to send users to another site for age validation before continuing with their RSVP registration. Users who have age gated on the external age validation site will not be required to validate their age again by the RSVP site.


Double Age Entry requires users to enter their date of birth information twice - once during age validation to enter the site, and once on the registration page when entering demographic information. Invite-Only setting requires all users to have an invite link to enter the site and view available events. If your campaign has guest types, then enabling the Allow Guest Type in URL setting will unlock the Guest Type dropdown in the RSVP link generator. If your event, campaign, or brand has special instructions related to age validation, entering it in the Age Gate Extra Text box will display this text on the age gate page of the RSVP site.

By default, preregistrants can register for 1 event at a time, meaning that they can only register for another event once the current event they have preregistered for has ended (or if they cancel their current preregistration first). However, depending on your campaign's needs, you can change the setting to allow each preregistrant to register for only 1 event per campaign (cannot register for other events even when their currently registered for event is complete) or for unlimited number of events (can register for multiple concurrent events) instead. 

Message Settings can be found under the social tab. The Share on Facebook and Share on Twitter section are the default share copy when a user tries to share their RSVP confirmation.


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