RSVP Settings Reference


Event Selection Layout is what method users select events with. The events can be displayed by name in a list or by points on a map. The zip gateway requires user to enter their postal or zip codes and will only show events near that location. 


Content settings control the technical details of the website. Page Title is what appears in the tab displaying the website in the browser. Sub-Domain is the first half of the URL for the website. Two URLs are available for you to link to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


In Restriction Settings you can configure several features designed to tailor your RSVP site to what you want your campaign to be. By entering a non-zero number in Guests Per Attendee and Friends Per Attendee you allow people who preregister to either bring guests (who are also preregistered) or invite friends (who are only invitees and must preregister themselves).

Age Gate Redirect allows you to send those who fail to enter a correct age to an external URL. External Age Validation allows you to send users to an age validation off site.


Message Settings can be found under the social tab. The Share on Facebook and Share on Twitter section are the default share copy when a user tries to share their RSVP confirmation.




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