Media Capture

Commonly consumers expect some kind of value exchange for their data. One way to provide that is through a branded media capture experience. Here consumers enter information and in exchange receive a photo, video, animated .gif or other media.

The Media Capture Module is a series of 5 workflow steps that can be added to any workflow. Using the iPad or iPhone's front or rear camera it captures pictures, videos or other media based on workflow buttons.

A Media Capture Module will not work without both a Media Page and a Media Email. The Media Page will host the image and the media email contains a link to that image and is sent to the consumer.

This module is added by pressing the "Add New Step" button at the left of the step ribbon ontop of the editor.

The five workflow steps of the module are tied together and cannot be reordered. Any cosmetic changes made to one will be made to all of them. In addition to the cosmetic page settings, there are several other unique options to customize the module.

Input/Output Settings

In Input/Output Settings you can choose if you'll capture with the front or rear camera. Front means on the screen side, rear means opposite the screen. Keep in mind that rear camera works well if someone will be taking photos of participants and front works if participants are taking the photos themselves.

Capture type indicates if you're taking a single photo or a series of photos which will be strung together as an animated .gif.


Under Social/Sharing you can choose the methods of delivery for the photo. If multiple methods are selected, consumers can choose which one they want.

Photo Overlay

Lastly under Photo Overlay you can upload an partially transparent image that will be put ontop of a consumers photo. This overlay commonly has some sort of branding and generally only takes up the edges or bottom of the images, else it will cover up the participants photo!

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