Check-in and Registration

Check-in and Registration Modules are placed at the start of an app. They allow preregistrations to check into the experience through name lookup or QR scan.

To lookup a preregistration, simply type their name (first or last) into the lookup field and select the full name off the list that will show below. If many options appear either continue to type in the name to narrow it down or scroll the list until you see it.

To scan a preregistration press the Scan button. This will take you to a page showing the camera. Hold the QR code close to the camera and in good light. If successful the QR code should scan and the device should automatically advance. If the QR code isn't recognized the app will tell you and go back to the first screen. The device scans with the front camera by default. This can be changed in the Input/Output settings in Page Settings.

To simply enter a brand new participant, press the Register button.

After checking a preregistration in the app proceeds to the next page. Any fields in the app the match an RSVP field will be filled in automatically with the preregistration's information. Guests who check get a new data entry in the database as a participant.

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