Fields and Surveys

Surveys are the catch all term for information captured from your participants on an iOS workflow. Surveys can be as simple as a name and an email for a check-in process or they can use complex multiple choice options and a variety of text and choice input. Fields are the elements the consumer or Brand Ambassador interacts with to enter information.

Survey fields can be added to blank pages. Workflows created from Registration and Check-in templates already contain a survey page with First Name, Last Name, Email and Zip/Postal code.

Fields can be positioned on the page in any order. You can click and drag the handle on the left side of a field to position it. You can resize the field by clicking and dragging on its bottom right corner. Fields can be either be single or double column width. Two single column fields can be placed side by side.

Fields are associated with survey items in the engage360 database. The First Name field is sent to the firstName column in exported .csv or .xlsx files. When you export data you've collected via engage360, it will be sorted by survey item with each survey item mapping to a field.

New fields are created with the Add New Field button in the Form Control section in Page Settings.


Once pressed a pop-up showing all the pre-configured and custom field options is displayed.


Standard fields work out of the box. They have an editable label and are already associated with a named survey item.

Custom Fields are defined by you with an editable label and a new survey item based on your label. If you create a text input field "Notes", when you export participants, you'll find a column with the title "notes" containing the information entered in the text field.

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