The Engage360 platform is very flexible but the vast majority of features are not required for simple use cases.

If you want a branded iPad survey:

  • All you need is an Event and a Registration workflow. After running the iOS app and syncing, you should see your event and workflow an be able to start your data capture.

If you want end users to create and receive branded media:

  • You can add a photo, video, animated .gif capture, ect. to any workflow simply by editing your existing workflow or creating a new Media Capture workflow. You then need to create a media site and media email to allow your participants to access their media.

If you want to run an event with a guest list and limited spots:

  • If you want users to be able to register ahead of time for an event and then show up and interact with a workflow or otherwise be recorded as attending, you will need a few more features. You will need an RSVP site so that people can navigate to and fill out information ahead of time. The RSVP site needs several emails to function correctly, so that it can confirm with preregistrations about the event time and location as well as provide them QR codes for easy check-in. Some emails, like guest invites, are only used if you decide to allow your preregistrations to bring guests. You now also need to make a workflow with a check-in to run on an iPad or iPhone at the event.
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