Email Settings Reference

When you open your email experience, on your right you will see all your email settings, divided into two main sections: Delivery Config, and Appearance Settings.

Delivery Config


Sender Name - This is the sender name the end user will see when they receive the email. By default this will be the name of your brand in Engage360, but you can customize to be more specific.

Sender Email - The email address you would like the end user to see as part of sender information. By default this will always be Note: To change your sender email to your brand's email address, you must contact your Account Rep, who will walk through the procedure with you.

Subject Line - The title or subject of your email.

Appearance Settings

The appearance settings are further divided into three categories: header, body, and footer. Settings in each category applies only to that area, unless otherwise specified.



Font Size - This controls how large your email title will appear.



Font - This is a dropdown containing a selection of fonts you can use to customize your email. Fonts in this list will appear consistently across different email providers and internet browsers. Note: Font selection is applied throughout the entire email.

Font Size - This controls the size of text in the email body section.

Font Color - You can customize the color of the email's text by selecting a color from the color palette, selecting a suggested color from the Experience Palette (generated from any custom brand image previously uploaded), or by changing the hex values in the text box.

Link - Use this setting to customize the color of any links you add to the email body.

Button - If your email has a button (ex: "RSVP Today" for invite emails), then this setting specifies the color of that button's border. Please note the button itself is transparent, and shows the background colour.

Background - This setting changes your email's background color.



Use campaign footer - By default, this setting is enabled and your email uses the Default Email Experience Footer Text from campaign settings. To use a different email footer, deselect the checkbox to unlock the footer text box and enter your email footer text.

Font Size - This controls the size of text in the email footer section.

Font Color - This setting controls the color of your email's footer text (in the footer text box).

Link - Use this setting to customize any links added to the footer text box, as well as generic email footer links (ex: Unsubscribe, View in Browser, etc.).

Background - The background for the email footer can be changed by this setting. 

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