Workflow Settings Reference

App Settings


App Name: Under Metadata, the app name shows when you select your workflow on the iOS app. It is used to differentiate different workflows in your campaign.

Base Styles

Base styles apply to the entire workflow and all pages within the workflow. Base styles include font type, margin settings, and color settings for various elements.


Font: Font selection applies to all labels throughout the workflow.

Header Height: The header height will lower all fields and buttons on all pages. This is useful if your background image contains a title, brand name, or other graphic at the top.

Left and Right Margins: Increasing the left and right margins shift all buttons and fields away from the corresponding sides by the margin amount.

Font Size: This is the default font size for all labels.

Background: This controls the color of the workflow background. If you have uploaded a background image and it has transparency, then the background color will also show behind the background image, contributing to the overall effect.

Font Color: This is the default font color for all labels.

Button Background: This color is used for all buttons in the workflow, including all navigation buttons and any survey question with more than one option.

Button Text: The default font color for all text inside buttons.

Unselected Button Background: This color applies to buttons in their unselected state. Please note that navigation buttons do not have an unselected state.

Unselected Button Text: This color applies to the text on unselected buttons.

Custom Navigation Images

These four images can be used as custom navigation buttons in the workflow, replacing the default navigation buttons. Button Background and Button Text settings do not affect custom navigation buttons. To revert back to the default navigation buttons, simply deleted the uploaded images.


Custom Background Image

This image will be used as the background for all pages in the workflow. The background image can be fully opaque or include transparency.

Custom Content


If your campaign or brand have a privacy policy regarding consumer data handling, you can upload the PDF here. The privacy policy PDF will appear as a link at the bottom of the workflow, which user can open to view the full privacy policy terms.

Page Settings

Page settings vary based on the type of page and its content. However, the following settings are available for all pages.


Override Base Styles: These settings override their respective Base Styles counterpart in App Settings.

Override Background Image: If an override background image is uploaded, then for this specific page, the app background image (if one has been uploaded) will be ignored and instead this is used as the background image. In the case of modules, or sets of pages that cannot be separated, then the override background image applies to all pages in the module, but not any other page.

Timeout: Timeout is the length of time the user is given to view and interact with each page before the workflow resets and returns to the very beginning. Once the workflow has times out and user is returned to the beginning, any incomplete data entry will be lost. By default each page has a timeout of 120 seconds (2 minutes). However, you can change this to be longer or shorter based on content of the page and the type of user interaction.

Additional page settings specific to certain pages can be viewed in the respective articles on Media Capture and Check-in and Registration.

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