Workflow Settings Reference

App Settings


App Name: This name shows when you select your workflow on the iOS app. It is used to differentiate different workflows.

Base Styles

Font Dropdown: This setting is the default font for all labels throughout the workflow

Header Height: The header height will lower all fields and buttons on all pages. This is useful if your background image contains a title or graphic on the top

Left and Right Margin: These shift all buttons and fields away from the sides by the margin amount

Font Size: This is the default font size for all labels

Background: This controls the color of the background behind the background image if there is one.

Button Background: This color is used for BACK and NEXT buttons as well as any multi-options

Font Color: The default font color for all labels

Button Text: The default font color for all text inside buttons

Unselected Button Background: This color is for button in their unselected state

Unselected Button Text: This color is for the text on unselected buttons

Custom Navigation Images

These four images are to be used for navigation buttons in the workflow.

Custom Background Image

This image will be placed in the background of each page.

Custom Content

If you have a privacy policy associated with your contact opt-in, you can upload it here.

Page Settings

Page settings depend on the page itself.

Override Base Styles

These settings override their respective App settings for each individual setting.


For other settings, you can view the articles on the Media Capture and Check-in and Registration for more information.

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