Viewing Event Preregistrants and Attendees

After you've created a few Experiences and Events, you will probably want to view information you're collecting.

Participants are users who have entered information on the iOS app at an event, Preregistration are those who have run through your RSVP site and Invitees are those who were invited as Friends by others using the RSVP site. On completing their RSVP, invitees will create a new Preregistration entry but their data entry in the Invitees table will remain. Similarly on checking into an event via Check-in experience on the iOS app, a preregistration will become a participant and have entries in both tables.

These lists of data can be viewed on the PARTICIPANTS, PRE-REGISTRATIONS, and INVITEES tabs under the EVENTS tab on the left hand navigation menu.

Clicking on any name in the list will show a details panel containing more information about them. An entry can be edited via the pencil icon on the right or deleted via the trashcan icon.

These lists can be searched by the search bar along the top or filtered by event, start date or end date.

Once filtered you can export the data in .csv format through the export button on the bottom left.

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