Viewing Event Guest Data

After you've created a few experiences and run through a few events, you will probably want to view the information you have collected.

Participants are users who have entered information at an event, either on the iOS app or on the mobile self-registration. Preregistrants are those who have preregistered for an event through your RSVP site. Invitees are those who are invited, either by you or by their friends, to register to attend an event. On completing their RSVP, invitees will have a new preregistration entry created for them while retaining their data entry in the Invitees table. Similarly, on checking into an event via the check-in workflow on the iOS app, a preregistrant will become a participant as well, and have entries in both the Preregistrations and Participants tables.

These lists of data can be viewed on the PARTICIPANTS, PRE-REGISTRATIONS, and INVITEES pages under the EVENTS tab of the left navigation menu.

Clicking on any name in the list will show a details panel containing more information about them. An entry can be edited by clicking on the pencil (Edit) icon on the right, or deleted by clilcking on the trashcan (Delete) icon.

You can search for a specific event or guest record by entering keywords in the search bar on any of these pages. Alternatively, you can narrow down the search results by tightening the search criteria (start date and time, end date and time). In addition, for the guest pages, you can even choose to only show results for certain event(s) and/or guest type(s).

After applying your filter criteria, you can export the filtered participant, preregistrant, or invitee data in .csv format through the export button on the bottom left of the table footer. Please note that there is no export function for events list.

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