An Event is a single location or venue where you plan on running an Engage 360 experience. It can be anything from a single iPad held by a Brand ambassador to a whole collection of iOS devices running different workflows from Check-ins to Photo experiences. It is also a way of storing the data collected from end consumers.

An Event has a time and location which are used to choose what events are shown on the iOS app. The iOS app cannot run an experience without an associated event and you will be prompted to choose one before you start any workflow. The iOS app will only display events that match the current date and Country/State filters.

Every person who preregisters for your experience or participates in it are all associated with an event. When viewing participants and preregistrants, events can be used to filter which ones are shown. Events also store any media captured in your experience.

Events are created and managed in the Events tab of engage360.co. Here they can be created, edited and deleted. You cannot delete an event that has participant or preregistrant information associated with it.


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