The Engage360 platform allows you to create and brand your own RSVP site, Emails, iOS app experiences and more. To do so, one uses the experience editors located on the engage360 website. These editors are found under the CAMPAIGN tab in EXPERIENCES on the left hand side of the webpage.

On the experiences tab you will see all the various options you have to create a unique branded data capture or check-in. These include webpages to allow interested people to register for events, iOS applications for capturing photos and videos as well as survey information, and a selection of emails to communicate with your consumers. To create any of them simply click on the icon above the name.


Some experiences, like RSVP sites, depend on others. If you create an experience without creating all of the other needed components, you'll see the ones needed highlighted in red.

You don't need all the experiences for a campaign. As an example, if all the participants will be registering onsite, that campaign does not need to have an RSVP site.

Changes made to websites and emails are effective immediately. Changes made to apps on iPads or iPhones require devices to sync to download the latest versions.

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