Running an Experience On-Site

The experiences that can be created via are designed to be simple and easy to run on the Engage360 iOS app.

The app can be downloaded onto any iOS device via Since it is an enterprise app, it needs to be trusted and one can do that under iOS Settings / General / Profile (or Device Management for some iOS versions). Click here for instructions to download the app.

Once downloaded you will need to log into the app. The credentials you use can be the same ones you use to log into or they can be a different set supplied by the organization admins of your brand and campaign. Once logged in you should see the Start screen of the app. 

If prompted, one should always update the app to the latest version.

The most important button on the screen is the blue sync button in the top right of the screen. This button downloads all the latest Experiences, Events, Preregistrations and more from If you've made changes to Experiences, created new events or have had new preregistrations you need to sync Engage360 so that they are downloaded. For this reason we highly recommend you sync before every event.

After you have synced your device, you need to choose your Country, State and Event via the top three drop-downs. Only Events that match your Country and State as well as having the right start and end times will show. Please note that only events that fall on the current date (ie. start date is on or before the current date and end date is on or after the current date) will show in the Event drop-down.

The last dropdown is to select which workflow to run. If you have created multiple workflow experiences you'll need to choose the one you wish the device to run here. You can have multiple devices run the same workflow without any problems. Be sure to select a workflow that matches your iOS device. iPhone workflows do not look correct on iPads and vice versa.

From here press start to jump into a workflow. After running through the workflow it returns to the start of the workflow, not to the start page. To get back to the Engage360 start page you will need to close, reopen and log back into the app.

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