Making an iOS App workflow

If you want to take consumer information in a survey or provide photos or videos to participants at your event, you will be looking to create an App workflow.

Under the DURING EVENT heading there are two buttons in the create a new app box. One for iPhone and one for iPad. Workflows created for one device will not look correct on the other.

After selecting either iPhone or iPad you will be prompted to select a template. These templates provide basic functionality and are easily customized. You can always select a blank workflow and add all the features you want manually.

From there you are displayed the App Experience editor. It may appear complex however a great deal of customization can be achieved with minimal effort.

All global cosmetic settings of your experience such as the font, button colors and background image can be edited in the App Settings section on the right of the page. This menu is collapsible by clicking on the header.

If you've selected a template, the workflow is already functional. After saving it you can sync the iOS app and if you've created an event you'll be able to start the workflow.

For capturing information with your workflow, see Surveys.

For capturing media for your consumer, see Media Capture.

For using your workflow to check-in those who have preregistered on an RSVP site, see Check-In and Registration.

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