Making Emails

Email is the primary way for Engage360 to communicate to the end consumer. All email templates include default copy (with minor differences in content depending on the type of email) to help convey the associated information to the end consumer. Some experiences require emails to function correctly (ex: RSVP site requires confirmation email).

Most of the email content is editable and can be personalized based on your campaign's needs. Editable text is denoted by a dotted line. Some text within the editable text box, such as FirstName, have a dotted underline. These are Engage360 fields, and will automatically fill in with the correct user information when the email is actually sent. Fields can be styled, added, and deleted just like regular copy. Please note that, for fields, you can only change their styling and appearance.

In addition to copy changes, you can also upload a header image and apply various other cosmetic options (available in the Appearance settings) to change font, font color, background color, etc.

You can hit Preview at any time to send a copy of the email to the address associated with your user account.

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