Making an RSVP website

The RSVP Site experience allows users to preregister for an event. Information entered by the user on the Registration page of the RSVP Site will be captured for later use, and the user is also sent a QR code or Event ID via email. Once the event begins and users arrive on site, they can complete their registration by looking up their name or scanning their Event ID at a Check-in Station to confirm attendance at the event.

The RSVP Site can be created by clicking on the "RSVP Site" icon under the Pre-Event section on the Experiences page.


The RSVP Site uses the same styling as other web pages by default, inherited from the brand level appearance settings. It uses the brand level header image if one has been uploaded, and the default campaign footer if that exists. These default styling and settings can be further customized within the RSVP Site experience itself.


Once the RSVP Site is created, you can view it by clicking the blue "Preview" button at the top of the editor.


To fully navigate through your RSVP Site and complete a test preregistration, you will first need an active or future event. To learn how to create events, see here.

The RSVP Site is configured to be usable immediately upon creation. However, there are many customization options available to produce a more professional looking RSVP Site. For more information, please see the RSVP Settings Reference.

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