Making an RSVP website

An RSVP site allows user to preregister for an event. They can enter information into the site and have it recorded. Then, when they use a check-in workflow at the event, they can simply look up their name or scan a QR code emailed to them and be recorded as attending the event.

The RSVP site can be created from the EXPERIENCES page in the PRE-EVENT section by clicking on the RSVP icon.

After being created you can immediately view your RSVP site by clicking the blue preview button at the top of the editor. In order to fully test your RSVP site you'll need an event to RSVP to. To learn how to create events, see here.

The RSVP site is configured to be usable immediately, however there are many customization options available. For more information see the RSVP Settings Reference.


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