The Event Server computer will not connect to the network/internet.

Solution #1: Check that the Event Server is Connected to the Correct Network


  • Ensure you are connected to the correct network. Envisage typically recommends connection Event Servers to a wired ethernet connection directly to an approved router (unless otherwise specified by the Envisage Support Team). The standard Static IP we use is:


Solution #2: Restart any Networking Hardware (routers, modems)


  • Attempt to restart (aka: power-cycle) any networking hardware. Leave the hardware offline for a minimum of 30 seconds, and allow for required reboot time once power is restored.


Solution #3: Attempt to Access the Network and/or Internet using other devices


  • This helps diagnose the source of the problem. Please confirm if other devices are experiencing the same problems as the Event Server, and then contact the Envisage Support Team at: 1-888-244-9891 ext 1
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