Using a Photo Module

When creating an iPhone or iPad app, you're able to add a photo module into the workflow in order to engage with your participants during the event.  Photos taken during the event will be sent to the participants with either e-mail or SMS (whichever they choose).

App Creation:

If you've selected a photo module it will automatically add in some screens for the consumer to enter their preferred method of delivery (e-mail or SMS).  Once the consumer selects this, they are able to enter another friend's information as well; so they both get the same photo.

Once you're at the photo step of your workflow, you can go to page settings and update the settings depending on how you want to interact with you participants.  


Changing the camera can help with how you are using your devices.  If it's mounted in a kiosk, it may make more sense to lock the camera to front facing.  If it's going to be used by a roving photographer, maybe rear facing or user choice would be best.

The media type is also able to be changed.  Whether you want to take a photo, or a GIF, that is up to you and to keep the photos consistent, you can lock it down to exactly how many frames you wish to capture.



If you only want to communicate with your participants a certain way, you can lock that down as well.  This will no longer ask for a choice at the beginning.


Filters are another option you can offer to your consumers.  If you wish to alter your photos with photo filters, you can enable these filters or let the consumer choose which one they want to apply.


Lastly, you are able to add overlays onto your photo by uploading PNG frames either Portrait or Landscape.  It's ok if you add both, the correct frame will be applied as you turn your device.  When taking the photo, the frame will also appear on the screen so you can ensure that your participants are not cut off.


Media E-mail, Media SMS

After creating your app, ensure you have a Media E-mail, Media SMS setup so that consumers will their communication that they've received their photo.  



Media Page

Finally the Media Page will need to be created so that the photos will have a place to be shown.  When consumers click on their link, they will be directed to the Media Page in order to view all their photos taken during the event.



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