Using the Event Server

Make sure the following has been completed before moving on:

  • Ethernet connection 
  • Disable WiFi 



    • Open the Event Server app which should be located in your "Event Server" folder in the programs directory.
    • When the app opens, click on version update to make sure you have to most updated version of the event server 
    • Sign in with admin username 
    • When you sign into the event server, hit the Sync button.

  • Once you hit the sync button, Select the correct Group, Country, State and Venue. 

  • Once everything is correct and your event is about to start, Click Begin Event.

  • When you begin the event, you will see the details of the event and Totals of participants and if any media is being recorded. 

  • Participants list all current checked in participants and all the details for each. It is possible to add participants with approval from Envisage staff. The reload button refreshes the current list that is displayed to show an updated number of participants.

  • There are 2 tabs also listed. Photos show images that are being directly saved to the event server from the connected photo station. From here you can select photos to print if you have a connected printer.

  • When you event has ended, Click on the "Upload now" *button. When the data is finished uploading, click on the "End event" button. *Note: Never press during an event, ONLY at the end of an event. 
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