Using the Event Server


The Envisage Event Server and the EventProxy software act as the "brain" of certain programs. They allow the co-ordination of many devices such as iPads, to communicate and pass data between themselves. The Event Server refers to the device itself, the laptop, on which the EventProxy program runs. The Event Server and the devices it communicates to must be on the same wireless network in order to work properly. Additionally all portable devices running the Engage360 Mobile App must have the "Use Event Server" option checked in settings.



The EventProxy software can be started by clicking the desktop shortcut or by navigating to C:\Program Files (x86)\Event Proxy. This will bring you to a log in screen.


Along the bottom of the window there are three red or green circles indicating the status of the server. The left circle indicates if the event is currently running and the event server is discoverable to devices. The middle circle indicates if the Event Server is currently connected to a network and if so it displays the Network Name and the IP address of the Event Server. The right circle indicates if the network the Event Server is connected to has internet access. All three circles must be green for the event server to function.


Upon logging into the EventProxy software you'll see the sync screen. This is where you download new event data before you run an event and where you can upload data after an event. The drop downs for Group, Country, State and Venue will populate with up to date information after syncing. When the drop downs are correct, press begin event to go to the overview screen.


The Event Summary Screen gives information about the current event running. As some markets can have many different events running at the same time, take a second to double check the correct event is being run. From here you can see participants and files as they register both in the event totals section as well as in the photos and participants tabs. The upload participants button will remove event data from the Event Server and send it to the database. This will prevent participants from seeing their data while the event is running. Please do not use the upload now button unless instructed to. At the end of the event press the close event button at the bottom and press sync on the sync page. This is the preferred method of uploading participant data.


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