My event does not appear in the Engage360 iOS app's Event Selection drop down menu.

My event does not appear in the Engage360 iOS app's Event Selection drop down menu.


Part #1:

Ensure the event has been created on the Admin site:


  • Open the following URL on a computer web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome:
  • Login to the website using your designated user credentials.
  • Find and click on the Events tab, located in the menu along the top of the screen.
  • Select your program from the Select Group Pulldown menu (top right) if you have access to multiple groups. 
  • To create a new event, find and click the Add button.


  • In the Event Creation screen, complete all required fields in each of the tabs located along the top of the window.
  • Double check the time and location of the event. Improper times and locations can prevent an event from appearing on the Engage360 Mobile App.
  • Click the Save button.
  • If required, add Timeslots to the event:

i. In the Event Details list, find and click your event. It’s details will appear on the right-side of the window. 

ii. In the event detail section, click the Timeslots tab, and then click the Add Timeslot button.

iii. Specify the Start Time, End Time, Name (optional), and Max Pre-Registrations (this sets how many people can RSVP for the event on the website). Tap the Save button when complete, and repeat for each timeslot.



  • The event is now ready for use. Existing events can be modified by clicking the edit button beside the event’s name.


Part #2:


Verify the Advanced Settings and Workflow are set:

  • Login to the Engage360 iOS app. 
  • From the Main Screen, open the Advanced Settings (grey gear icon next to the Start button).


  • In the advanced settings menu, ensure the Group and Workflow options are properly set.
  • Tap the Done button.
  • From the Admin Screen, tap the Sync button.
  • Once the Sync is complete, select your Country, State, and Event Name.
  • Tap the Start button to begin your event and enter the Workflow
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