Printing Photos from the eModerate Tool



  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the following URL:
  2. Enter your eModerate credentials (provided by the Envisage Support Team).
  3. Upon logging in, you will see the main New section of the eModerate tool.
  4. Add a Feed:
    i. Go to the New section of the eModerate tool using the navigation menu.
    ii. In the “Enter filter text” field, enter the hashtag keyword or @username. Multiple keywords can be used in a single search query, as for example a single query could be: 
    #GoLeafsGo @MapleLeafs #SEAofBLUE 
    This query would show all Posts that use any of the keywords. 

    iii. Click the START button.
    iv. Applicable Posts using any of the specified keywords will appear.
    v. If you wish to add a keyword, enter all desired keywords, including both the new and existing keywords, in the “Enter filter text” field.
  5. Print an Image:

    i. Determine which image you wish to print. Click the Printer icon, found at the top-right of the photo. A new tab will open with a print dialogue window in your browser.
    ii. Select the desired printer.
    iii. Select the desired print settings.
    iv. Click Print.

 Please note that Tweets and Instagram posts do NOT need to be Approved before printing.

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