Approving and Discarding Posts




1. Open a web browser and navigate to the following URL:

2. Enter your eModerate credentials (provided by the Envisage Support Team).




3. Upon logging in, you will see the main New section of the eModerate tool. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the layout and features:

A. Navigation

The New, Approved, and Discarded menu allows you to navigate between the various sec- 

tions of the eModerate tool. Each section displays Posts based on their current status.

B. Enter Usernames and Hashtags

Filter Text determines which posts are shown in the moderation tool. Only one search can be  

active at a time, but multiple keywords (#hastags, @usernames) can be entered in a query.  

C. Recent

All recent search criteria that has been used will be listed here. 

D. Posts (Tweets, Instagrams)

Posts will appear here. New Posts will show both the Approve and Discard options. 

 E. Clear New, Clear Approved, and Clear Discarded

These options will permanently remove all Posts from the respective page.


 4. Add a Feed:


i. Go to the New section of the eModerate tool using the navigation menu.

ii. In the “Enter filter text” field, enter the hashtag keyword or @username. Multiple keywords can be used in a single search query, as for example a single query could be: 

#GoLeafsGo @MapleLeafs #SEAofBLUE 



This query would show all Posts that use any of the keywords. 



iii. Click the START button.

iv. Applicable Posts using any of the specified keywords will appear. 

v. If you wish to add a keyword, enter all desired keywords, including both the new and existing keywords, in the “Enter filter text” field.


5. Approve or Discard a Post:


i. Go to the New section of the eModerate tool using the navigation menu.

ii. There will be two boxes under each Post: 

the green APPROVE box to approve Posts.

the red DISCARD box to remove the Posts from being viewed.



iii. Once a Post has been approved or discarded, it will be removed from the New page and appear on the page respective to its status.


iv. Repeat this process periodically during the event to ensure recent Posts appear on the Display Screen.


v. To change the status of a Post, click on the page respective to the current status. For example,to Discard a Post that was previously approved, go to the Approved page, find the Post, and  

click the Discard button. 



Please note that approved Posts from a specific keywords will continue to be displayed until the Ap-

proved page has been cleared (see steps below). If search keywords are changed and results from the 

previous searches should be discarded, ensure you clear the approved Posts.


6. Clear Posts:



i. Go to the section of the eModerate tool that you want to clear posts from. 

ii. Please note that clearing Posts will permanently remove all existing Posts from the eModerate website, meaning those Posts will not be available to post publicly any more. 

iii. On the correct page (New, Approved, Discarded), find the Clear button in the top-right corner. Confirm you are clearing the correct Posts, then click the Clear button.

iv. Confirm you wish to permanently clear the Posts. 

v. The page will now be cleared of all Posts. You can repopulate the Posts from the New page.



7. At the end of the event, either logout (click the top-right icon, then tap Logout), or simply close the browser.

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