Event RSVP Settings

Max Pre-registrations puts a hard cap on how many people can use an RSVP website to preregister for an event. After an event reaches its cap it will be removed from the RSVP event list and will not show up on searches. The infinity checkbox next to the fields uncaps the registration so there is no limit

Total Max Reg.

If your campaign allows preregistrations to invite guests, you can choose to count guests that were invited but did not go to the RSVP site and confirm against the prereg caps.

Private Event

This options will make the event not display on the RSVP site. The only way to access the event will be a direct link to the event page.

Prereg. Close Time is when the RSVP site closes the day of the event. If you have an event that you wish to cut off registrations for, set the time appropriately. Keep in mind that once sync'd the Engage360 iOS app will not receive new preregistrations. If someone preregisters after you've synced and started your app, they will not appear via name or QR lookup.

Hide Address in RSVP

For compliance reasons, some events can't show the address of the venue until after a guest has confirmed. Checking this option replaces the address of the event with the Venue Description entered below it

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