Event RSVP Settings

Max Preregistrants 

Max Preregistrants setting puts a hard cap on how many people can use an RSVP website to preregister for an event. After an event reaches its cap, it will be marked as FULL and the end-user will not be able to select the event or register for it. By default the infinity checkbox next to the field is selected, meaning there is no limit to the number of preregistrants allowed. To specify a maximum number of preregistrants for your event, deselect the infinity checkbox before entering a number in the text box. If your campaign has guest types, you must set the max preregistrant cap for each guest type separately.

Please note that if your campaign uses time slots, you should set the max preregistrants cap for each time slot separately when setting up event time slots after the event has been created. Do not set up max preregistrant cap in the main event management screen if using time slots.


Total Max Reg.
Total Max Reg. is especially useful for campaigns with guest types, as it shows the combined total of the max preregistrants allowed for this event for all guest types put together. In addition, if your campaign allows preregistrants to invite guests, you can choose to count guests who were invited but have not yet confirmed their preregistration via the RSVP site (and as such do not count as a full preregistrant just yet).

Private Event


Enabling this option will hide the event on the RSVP site. The only way to access the event will be via a direct link to the event registration page.

Pre-registration Close Time


Pre-registration close time is when the preregistration period on the RSVP site is closed. The pre-registration close time can be at a certain specified time on the day of the event, or at a specified time a certain number of days before the event starts (ex. 5pm 2 days before the day event). If you wish to cut off preregistrations at a certain point for an event, first select the checkbox to enable pre-registration close time setting, then select an appropriate time (and optionally number of days). After an event closes, it will be marked as CLOSED and the end-user will not be able to select the event or register for it.

Please keep in mind that if your venue does not have stable internet connection, then you must sync the Engage360 iOS app prior to beginning the event. Once the app has been synced, it will not receive new preregistrations. If someone were to preregister on the RSVP site after you have synced and started your app, they will not appear via name or QR lookup unless the device has constant internet access. It is important to set an appropriate event closing time before the event starts to prevent such a scenario.

Hide Address in RSVP


For compliance reasons, some events cannot show the address of the venue until after a guest has confirmed their registration. Checking this option replaces the address of the event with the Venue Description entered below it.

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