Creating An Event

To create an event, click on the EVENTS tab on the left hand side of From here you can see a list of all created events, past and future for the campaign.

Pressing the ADD+ button in the top right of the screen will bring up a form to enter your event's information. 

There are many fields here but only ones that need to be filled are:

  • Name of Event
  • Start Date & Time
  • End Date & Time
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Address
  • Zip/Postal Code

After they have been entered pressing the Save button at the top will create the event.

Your event will now show in the list. It can duplicated, edited and deleted by pressing the Paper, Pencil and Trashcan buttons at the right side of the event entry. Clicking on an event in this table will bring up a details panel on the right side, showing more information.

Your event, once created, will be downloaded onto any iOS app after they have been synced. It will show in the event dropdown on the iOS app if the appropriate Country and State are selected and the current date falls into the events start and end times.

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