Brand Level Defaults for Experience Styles

Whenever you create a new experience in any campaign in a brand, the brand level styles (font, font sizes, colors for various elements) specified in the Default Experience Styles tab of Brand Details are used by default. This means that you do not need to manually set the same styles for your experiences across multiple campaigns within the same brand. Engage360 provides a set of generic brand styles to start you off with, but it is suggested that you change the styles to suit your desired branding and event theme.

All of these settings can be changed as normal via the corresponding settings in the individual experience editors via the corresponding settings. The default experience styles in Brand Details are divided into several categories: Titles, Body, Footer, and Experience Fonts.


Title Font Size and Font Color settings apply to the header text of any experience using a header (all webpage experiences and emails).


Body style settings for font size and color, link colors, button colors, and background colors are used by default for the standard body content across all webpage, email, and app experiences, wherever applicable. For example, settings for body Font Size, Font Color, Link Color, and Link Hover are used in the body section of RSVP site, QR page, mobile self-registration site, media page, and all email experiences, with app experiences also using the body Font Color setting; Button Color, Button Text, Unselected Button, and Unselected Button Text settings are used in RSVP site, mobile self-registration, and app experiences for navigation, or one of the buttons (ex: Confirm Reservation or RSVP Today) in emails. Body Background Color applies to the background of the body section of all experiences.


Similarly, footer style settings are applied by default to footers for all experiences that have a footer section (RSVP site, QR page, mobile self-registration site, media page, and all email experiences). Any footer text will by default use the footer Font Size and Font Color settings, while any links in the footer will use the footer Link Color and Link Hover settings by default. Social Icon and b settings apply to the social icon that would show if a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram follow-us link has been provided in Campaign Details. Footer Background Color applies to the background of the footer section of all experiences with footer.


You can set the default font for Emails, Webpage and Apps. Please note that the font setting applies to the entire experience (header, body, footer). If you wish to choose different fonts for the header, body, and footer for any of your experiences, you will need to do so manually in the individual experience editor.

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