Brand Content Defaults

If you run many campaigns with similar branding, you can use brand level defaults to help you create new branded campaigns easier.

Under the Brand Tab on the left Navigation bar, you can view the default experience styles for all campaigns under the brand. Whenever you use a campaign in a brand, Engage360 first checks these brand level experience styles when creating experiences. This means if you set colors, background images, and other settings here, they'll appear in your new experiences without you needing to manually set them up.

All of these settings can be changed as normal in the experience editors. These simply provide you with a way to change the default appearance.

Default Experience Styles

Titles: In both the RSVP site, and the emails, when an experience would use a header, it will draw from these default font sizes and colors

Body: In the RSVP, Emails, and Onsite Experiences, whenever text is in standard paragraph font, it will use these body settings for it's size, color, and links. Whenever buttons are show, such as the back and next buttons in an Onsite App, or the Confirm Reservation button in a Guest Invite Email, they'll use these background and text colors.

Images: These images are automatically uploaded and placed into their respective experiences.

Footer: This sets the campaign level default footer text for webpages and for emails. The campaign level default footer text is then used by default in all experiences.

Experience Fonts: This sets the default font for both body and header for emails, webpages and apps. If you'd like to choose different fonts for the body and header of one of these experiences, it'll need to be done manually in the editors.

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