What Does My Campaign Need?

Engage360 is a very flexible tool that can handle all sorts of different campaign setups. Any given campaign will only use a subset of what Engage360 has to offer, so it's important to know what you will and will not need.


Events: All campaigns use events. An event represents a single time and place where you plan to capture guest information, offer experiences, check-in to a venue, or anything else done onsite.

Find out more about events here.

Experiences: All campaigns use experiences. An experience is something an end user interacts with. It could be a website signing them up, an email giving them information, or an app on an iPad to take their photo.

Find out more about experiences here.


Do you plan on guests registering to attend your event ahead of time?

If you want people to register ahead of time for your events, the way Engage360 does this is through an RSVP experience. This experience makes a website your users can register to attend your events at. Users who register to attend an event are called Pre-registrations.

If you have people registering for an event, you also are going to want to check them in. You can do this by making a Check-in and Registration App Experience. People who check-in using an onsite experience are called Participants.

Do you want to take photos, videos, or animated gifs of participants?

If you'd like to offer some sort of media experience, you can create an App Experience that does so. Participants will enter their information, and then take a picture or similar with the device's camera. 

Media captured this way is sent to participants via a Media Site, a website which will display the photo to them, and a Media Email, or a Media SMS experience. These messages send automatically to participants who use an App Experience that takes media of them.

Do you have a guest-list that you want to use?

Engage360 uses what it calls Invitees to hold people's information before inviting them to an event or experience. By importing the people you want to invite as invitees, you can then send them an Invitee Email Experience. This email will contain a link to your RSVP site, letting these invitees use it to register for an event and become Pre-Registrations. 


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