Guest Types

Guest Types are a campaign level feature to segment your guests into distinct categories that you can then set caps for individually on RSVP sites, and use to tell guests their type in Emails.

Guest Types can be found under the campaign tab in the left navigation bar.

Each Guest Type has only two properties, a Name and a Color. The color is used to help distinguish a guest type visually, but has no other purpose. The Guest Type name will be what is displayed to the participant or user whenever a guest type is referenced.


Once a Guest Type has been created, it creates several different caps on the edit event screen. You can use these caps to restrict guests registering with certain guest types. Want to restrict an event to only "VIP" guest types? Set all the other caps to 0 to prevent other guests from registering. By default, all participants have no guest type, which is shown as "General"


Guest Types can be assigned to imported participants, preregistrations, and invitees by adding a Guest Type column to the import spreadsheet or .csv.


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